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​// Ongoing Collabs 
// Employment 
​// Rental (Daily, Weekly or monthly) 

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Licensed Stylist Opportunities: 

- Assistant Training 
- Business Building Program 
-Leadership Opportunities 

Rent From Us

-Daily Rental 
-Weekly Rates 
-Monthly Rates 
-Beauty Vendor Arrangement Available 
*If you make nothing, we make nothing!* 

Pop-Up Events 

-Girls Nights 
-Market Nights (Training Events) 
-Market Days (Pop-Up Events) 

We are seeking local businesses to serve our Guests during these events! 

Food, Drink, Wellness, Beauty and everything in-between! 

Influencer Program 

We have programs for local influencers, national influencers, and business owners! We have a co-marketing program that shares in referrals and also gives you and your team kickbacks for everything you refer to us.

The Best in Beauty, All in one Building

Looking for owners, sole proprietors, and industry professionals to work together.


La Beaute' Market